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Dear friends of Lightrock,

We are delighted to share this, the latest edition of our newsletter, with you and just in time for the holiday season!

2023 heralded many milestones for both the Lightrock platform and portfolio. We expanded into a new asset class, opened a new office in the Netherlands (our first in the EU!), both our team and portfolio surpassed 100 members, and, in an unexpected honour, Lightrock was named the Impact Investor of the Year at the prestigious Real Deals ESG Awards!

Looking back on the year, we certainly have a lot to be grateful for, especially against a global back drop in which uncertainty and strife have, unfortunately, increased. Recognising that our progress would not have been possible without the kind support of our friends and partners in the ecosystem and beyond, we wanted to express our gratitude and thanks for your continued support of us and our mission to deploy capital into impactful companies endeavouring to build a better future.

In this end of year newsletter, we are pleased to share some updates from our portfolio, including news of the portfolio’s newest addition; some of our recent organisational developments, and the associated press coverage; as well as some details of our ecosystem engagement.

We trust these updates will be both informative and of interest as the year draws to a close.

With our very best wishes for the year ahead,

The Global Lightrock Team

Portfolio Progress    


One of ComBio Energia's sustainable biomass-powered facilities.


Satispay's solutions in increasing use across Italy

Lightrock platform portfolio companies were founded to tackle  the world’s biggest challenges. Check out some examples of their recent  progress below:


M-KOPA, a fintech platform providing  financial services to the underbanked, has expanded its flexible digital  financing model to Ghana, following a successful pilot. M-KOPA now operates  across Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda Ghana, and is planning expanding into South Africa.

Copia Global, a leading ecommerce and  fintech platform for African mass market consumers, has announced a strategic  partnership with Visa to provide digital financial services to middle to  low-income consumers in Kenya.

Europe & North America

Following  mutually  beneficial partnerships, the Lightrock platform  exited two Norwegian companies dedicated to building a more sustainable future: Kiona, a leading SaaS company that aims to  make buildings part of the solution to climate change, and NG Group, a company with the goal to  accelerate society’s shift to an efficient circular economy.

Satispay, the independent payment network  connecting consumers and merchants in Italy, shines as one of Europe's  fastest-growing fintechs, according to Sifted. Despite challenging macro  conditions, the company’s headcount grew by an incredible 86%.


Waycool, one of India’s largest food and  agritech company, has formed a strategic alliance with Morocco-based YoLa  Fresh. This alliance has seen Waycool expand its operations to Africa.  

Diabetes care specialist Beat-O announced that it was launching  physical touchpoints in several micro-markets, which will enable the company  to increase the care options to patients in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh,  Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Odisha.


Lightrock welcomed Brazilian  renewable thermal energy company, ComBio Energia, to its portfolio. ComBio’s mission is to promote sustainable biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels  ingenerating steam for industrial applications across sectors, from food  manufacturing to mining. Business Insider had the full story here.

Betterfly, the  purpose-driven benefits platform, launched a new insurance for employees that  improves customer coverage and rewards employees for making healthy lifestyle  choices, such as attending health check ups and scanning appointments.

Lightrock In The News

Award Win

The entire team was ecstatic  to learn that a panel of industry judges had named Lightrock the Impact Investor of the Year at the prestigious Real Deals ESG Awards! This  recognition is testament to the exceptional efforts and dedication of the  entire team. Our Managing Partner & CEO, Pal Erik Sjatil, sat down with Real Deals to  reflect on Lightrock’s progress and this recent win.

New Colleagues

Lightrock recently welcomed  the exceptional investor, Kathleen Bacon, to its Board of Directors.  Kathleen joins the team with extensive private markets investing experience,  gained as part of a successful and ongoing career at HabourVest Partners.  Lightrock’s ranks were also bolstered by the arrival of Suzanne DiBianca, Chief  Impact Officer at Salesforce, who joins as a Senior Advisor. Suzanne was  recently recognised by TIME as  one of the world’s most influential leaders driving business to real climate  action.

Expert Insights

Lightrock Partner, Umur  Hursever, shared some insights and commentary with the leading impact  investing industry publication, New Private Markets, on the subjects of the fundraising environment and how impact  investors are looking at developments in the area of generative artificial intelligence.

Lightrock Live                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Chris Steinau welcoming guests to the Slush Climate Summit

Co-hosting the  Slush Climate Summit

This year in Helsinki, Finland, Lightrock co-hosted the Slush Climate Summit, the only official side event dedicated to climate tech and sustainability, with our friends at Lightspeed, Energy Impact Partners, and Transition. Our very own Christopher Steinau did a super job onstage moderating a founder and investor panel focused on successfully scaling climate techs.                                                                                                                             

Making an  Impact at Oslo Innovation Week

The team was pleased to be back in Norway and to contribute to this conference’s inaugural impact day! Head of Impact Dr Marc Moser joined a panel discussion featuring colleagues from Capricorn Investment Group, GIIN, and Norselab, which looked at how the UNSDGs have catalysed transformation in our industry.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Sharing a stage with LGT Private Banking

It was a terrific privilege for Lightrock to  be featured at a series of conferences organised across Asia by LGT Private Banking. These events, focused on alternative assets, are designed to connect advisors and investors with n representatives of firms at the forefront of their respective fields. We thoroughly enjoyed discussing impact-centred solutions with this future-focused audience.


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