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our purpose

The evolution towards ‘sustainable capitalism’ has accelerated across all investing classes including venture capital and private equity. Lightrock is a global private equity platform that seeks to achieve financial as well as societal and environmental returns by investing in businesses that contribute positively to humankind and the planet. Investing with impact globally since 2007, Lightrock aims to leverage its pioneering position and experience to scale and mainstream impact investing across asset classes over the next decade.

An impact mindset around global megatrends combined with pioneering expertise and deep local context allows us to identify and nurture scalable high-impact business solutions to global challenges, and to build portfolios that are relevant and well-balanced from a risk and return perspective.

"I am convinced that the intersection of growth, tech and impact will become even more important in the future. I am excited we help drive this development with Lightrock and contribute to a more sustainable form of capitalism.”

Pål Erik Sjåtil, CEO and Global Managing Partner

our team

Lightrock employs a diverse team of more than 50 private equity professionals – 40% of whom are female – from more than 13 different countries and across four continents with headquarters in London, combining extensive experience in impact investing, a strong track record in leadership, entrepreneurship and portfolio management, with extensive networks regionally and globally, and speaking more than 20 languages. Lightrock is organized as a partnership led  by the Global Managing Partner and CEO Pål Erik Sjåtil, with its Board of Directors chaired by H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, who initiated LGT’s impact investing activities in 2007.

our values

mission driven
we partner with the world’s best entrepreneurs to solve the world’s biggest problems. By supporting the world’s most impactful companies, we generate more than just financial returns
we operate as a team both internally and externally. By leveraging our global network of executives and investors, we brainstorm, attempt, and resolve together
we are hungry to succeed. We are mission driven, collaborative, entrepreneur focused, and passionate because we want to win
entrepreneur focused
we understand who the star is. As the support act, we aim to be efficient with time, accurate with enquiries, and honest with feedback
we aspire for excellence. We recruit and develop extraordinary talents, collaborate with accomplished experts, think out of the box and strive for best practice
we are here because we love what we do and understand the privilege of working with game-changing companies. We are committed to being the best partner we can be

our roots

Lightrock has been initiated by HSH Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein (Chairman LGT and Lightrock) and is backed by the Princely House of Liechtenstein and LGT, the international private banking and asset management group. The Princely House of Liechtenstein has been creating, managing and preserving wealth and values for more than 900 years and is guided by a legacy of broadly engaging in society through business, politics and philanthropy. The Family is committed to entrepreneurship through a diversified and global business portfolio.

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